Deprogramming Song 1

Deprogramming Song 1

Music is very therapeutic for treatment and recovery. Add this song to your play list as a reminder of what brings you to seek help in deprogramming yourself out of the cult of Trumpism.

Deprogramming Song #1

Idolatry In The Pews





Pastor hears whispers. Soft like the wind. Trump on their tongues. Where does it end?[Verse 2]
Q-anon talking. Faith’s gone astray. Lost in their idols, Jesus’ way.

Where’s the light, where’s the truth? Jesus called, but they refuse. He cried loud, Love thy kin. But Trump’s their idol.
A deadly sin.

[Verse 3]
Sermons of kindness, falling on ears, deaf to the Savior Blinded by fears.

Golden idol, man of clay. Trading salvation. Lost their way.

Trump’s religious pandering has damaged the church and the state. Outside influence has Christians focusing on who to hate instead of spreading the Gospel message with credibility.

Trumpster idolatry needs deprogramming
Q-anon and Trump idolatry are infecting the Christian church and causing strife and division between the members. Satan is the author of confusion.
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