Deprogramming Song 2

Deprogramming Song 2

Music is very therapeutic for treatment and recovery. Add this song to your play list as a reminder of what brings you to seek help in deprogramming yourself out of the cult of Trumpism.

Deprogramming Song #2

We Won’t Be Fooled Again



I cast my vote in 2016, thought I’d chosen right. Believed in words of change and hope, on that election night. But then I watched him day by day, talk trash and speak untrue. Lies piled high like Bibles, what was I to do?

[Verse 2]
He disrespected those who served, our heroes brave and bold. Couldn’t believe the words he spoke. My blood it ran so cold. Saw him mockin’ on the stage, with his childish grin. My trust began to falter, regret seepin’ in.

Won’t get fooled again by a treasonous man. I see clearer now, got a new plan. No more lies, no more shame. I won’t be his fool, I won’t play his game.

In a small-town bar, I heard the truth, saw the light come through. Not just me, but many folks, felt the same way too. We won’t be swayed by empty dreams, or words that twist and bend. Learning from the past, we won’t get fooled again.

[Verse 3]
Now I hold my head up high, my conscience clear and strong. It’s not about red or blue, but knowin’ right from wrong. We owe it to each other, this land we call our own. To stand united, hand in hand, in this land we roam.

Won’t get fooled again by a treasonous man, I see clearer now, got a new plan. No more lies, no more shame, I won’t be his fool, I’m just sick of his game.




A man in a small country town fell for the lies and hype around Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential campaign. However, as he paid more attention to current events, he got a case of buyer’s remorse.

Won't be fooled by Trump again
He saw through the illusion to the un-American buffoon who disrespected the troops and acted childish. Now he won’t fall for it again next time he votes.
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