Deprograming A Trumpster

Deprograming A Trumpster

Has someone you love, know or just have to deal with been transformed by hate talk radio into a political monster? Here’s help to bring that Trumpster back into polite society.

There is still a way back home when you learn how to deprogram a Trumpster.
Take the home study course that teaches how to not be a Trumpster, bitter-ender, asshole. It may be necessary to learn how to act like a human being again.

Here’s The YouTube Video Collection (unlisted) –Deprogram A Trumpster Channel



Contain and Counsel First

Like taking a dangerous toy from a baby, the first step is to reduce and eliminate right wing media broadcasts, podcasts and video clips. Short video clips on big issues are the worst.

When you take away the influencers, and that can mean all sides for a start, it lets the mind and emotions level out. Next learn skills that help you discern facts that matter from feelings that can change. Basically, deprogramming starts with a reliable stand on solid truth.

So learn how to check if a story you hear on the religious station exists in print, broadcast or post. Can you harmonize it with 3 or more different types of media. Also, there are more involved and advanced methods to learn involving public records. The facts of the matter don’t care how you feel about them.

Join with me to bring sanity back.

Learn The Right Wing Warning Signs
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