How To Defeat Social Media Programming

Here Is How To Defeat YouTube Social Media Programming

You can protect your mind personally by staying out of bias dead ends on YouTube. The dead end is when you are recommended only bogus videos. Here is how to defeat the YouTube algorithm. Turn off autoplay when browsing YouTube. In social media mental programming, you are being hit with unfriendly outside influencers. YouTube is a major platform where Trumpism brainwashing transpired.

What To Do

One common example of this happens on YouTube. Here the surfer should take steps, like this easy first one, to defeat the algorithms. Turn off suggested videos and retype your search terms every time. do this by turning off autoplay. Second, do not hit the subscribe button. Minimize the amount of data about you entering the YouTube database.

This Is One Easy Way How To Defeat Social Media

Programming That Turned Your Loved Ones

Into Political Monsters

Stay out of the YouTube rabbit holes. First by NEVER clicking the little switch for auto-play. You can make an exception for academic or music/movie streaming.


Leave this switch off. Or you will be directed to suggested videos. Also more ads per hour. You don’t want that because the end result can get dangerous. Win the game by staying out of it. If you need to see something the YouTube-Google algorithms offer you. That is because  it is now already associated with your YouTube account. Here’s how to control that.


Don’t click the video link. Instead be safer, by typing the desired video’s title into the YouTube search bar above. That  should get you to your link without feeding the autoplay suggestions beast. Also, you can break the chain by doing  your YouTube search through a new window each time. At the same time, you can see a less biased selection of alternate news sources.  That should be enough to provide variety in your surfing.

Keep in mind that this is not the sole method to stop the algorithm. You want to control the suggested videos that come up on the page you’re watching. They also pop up in your viewing window at the end of play. Unless you searched for it, it’s junk mail to you.

Now granted, you are more likely to have your YouTube browsing history exploited by companies and industries that just want you to look at their ad. Nothing nefarious there. It can be very helpful when surfing mostly to shop online. That is the ultimate, overall intent of Google which owns YouTube.

Can random browsing run you into the work of cyber criminals. Advertisers want you to invest your time in the funnel, until a sense of obligation sets in. The same illusion is used in politics and other con jobs.

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