Deprogramming Song 7

Deprogramming Song 7 – Master Of The Trolls

Music is very therapeutic for treatment and recovery. Add this song to your play list as a reminder of what brings you to seek help in deprogramming yourself out of the cult of Trumpism.

Deprogramming Song 7

Master Of The Trolls


I work for Putin yeah that’s right. Making sure your info’s tight. Got my deep fakes on the screen. Fooled ya once now kiss the ring .

[Verse 2]
Bloggers hired sip some tea. Spreading lies so easily. Trump followers drink it up. Servin’ nonsense in a cup.

Master of the trolls Spinnin’ cyber gold. From Moscow with love watch them stories unfold.

Da comrade keep clickin’ fast. Fake news so good can’t outlast. In your timeline fool ya twice for Mother Russia, yeah that’s nice.

[Verse 2]
All these bots we buildin’ high. Making sure the truth’s disguised From the Kremlin to your feed Laughing as you follow leads

Deep fakes and memes, we run this scheme. Laughin’ while you fall. Master of ’em all.

Donald Trump pals around with dictators that are more sophisticated and malevolent than he is. So, when our intelligence community warns about anti-American memes, chat bots, foreign bloggers posing as Americans, and Russian Televison posing as news, puppet Trump embraces and covers for them.

Master of the internet trolls


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