Deprogramming Song 5

Deprogramming Song 5

Music is very therapeutic for treatment and recovery. Add this song to your play list as a reminder of what brings you to seek help in deprogramming yourself out of the cult of Trumpism.

Deprogramming Song #5

Outlaw Promises

Trump struts around like he’s king of the town,
Got a suit and a frown, can’t knock him down.
With his bronzer and hair spray, such a sight,
But we all see under that wig, it ain’t right.[Verse 2]
Talks ’bout them billions that don’t exist,
Runs his mouth like champagne, but it’s just a spritz.
Says he’s got the best, the finest around,
But he’s just a fool in a right-wing playground.

Comb over blues, it’s a tangled mess,
Promises big but delivers less.
Can’t hide the truth with a spray can,
A make-believe hero, without a real plan.

[Verse 3]
Claims he’s best, a self-made success,
But his stories fall flat, it’s a house of duress.
Can’t dig through the lies with a backhoe,
He’s got a orange veneer, cracks startin’ to show.

[Verse 4]
He’s so uptight, he loses court fights,
Wonderin’ about his gal, she’s nowhere in sight.
Buys his fame with no cash in hand,
But he’s robbing his dupes, to bail out his brand.

Comb over blues, it’s a tangled mess,
Promises big but delivers less.
Can’t hide the truth with a spray can,
He’s a phony Rambo printed on our flag, man.

[Verse 5]
Well, I heard him talkin’ ’bout walls so high,
Said they’d stretch up to the moon durn nigh,
Promises so big, you can’t see the ends,
But the paint’s chippin’ off, don’t they know he pretends?

[Verse 6]
He’s ridin’ ’round his rallies, stole a hat that’s white,
Selling himself as the angel of light,
As the crowd thins out, and the echoes fade,
He’s spinnin’ tall tales, leavin’ friends dismayed.

Oh, the outlaw’s tall tales, bigger than the plains,
Claimin’ Stable genius, but he’s got no brains,
Talkin’ ’bout nonsense, as the folks move on,
Words like tumbleweeds, just blown and gone.

Donald Trump rides into town like a combination of a carpet bagger and a snake oil salesman. He is a cash-poor felon with no means or intentions to fulfill his unrealistic promises.

MAGA Deprogramming country song 4 - The Outlaw's Promises
Trump travels the country preaching a selfish and disoriented line of false promises. He hoped to distract from the fact that he is campaign to stay out of prison by abusing the powers of the Presidency then to seek revenge on decent Americans who reject him.


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