How To Deprogram A Trumpster

Have you or someone you love, know or just have to deal with been transformed by hate talk radio into a political monster? Here’s help to bring a Trumpster back into polite society through voluntary mental deprogramming.

Trumpsters have succumbed to the self-serving con job of Donald Trump. All Americans have been exposed to it like radioactive fallout. Most shrugged it off as unappealing, full of outrageous promises and imagined grievance against his feelings of wealthy entitlement. Then there are those who were either predisposed or gullible enough to really bite down hard on the bait.

For them Trumpism is a serious hobby, but it can have terrible consequences. Trump’s culminating event on Jan 6 was a failure of leadership for him but led to serious jail time for his followers.

Here’s a list of news pieces from many sources of Trumpsters who got arrested for criminal activity on Jan 6 and at other times before and during the lawless Trump Administration.

Trumpster Roll Call

Trumpster Roll Call

Here’s a list of Trumpsters who were found guilty in court, or plea bargained into lesser punishment.

Convict Trumpsters

Trumpsters in prison


Lots of Trumps busted fans are feeling serious buyer’s remorse!

Turn your life around before this happens to you.

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